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Couple Looking Down

Will, Trusts,

Estate Planning

and Probate

Imagine the worst has happened: your loved one has passed. But while you are grieving, you realize they left you one last gift by completing a well-thought-out estate plan. By setting up an estate plan with a Will, Trust, and other documents, they have removed the stress from wrapping up their affairs and avoided having to navigate complicated family relationships. 


If you want to give this gift to your family, we can help.  We handle estate planning for individuals and families with small to medium estates. 


We can talk you through what you need. Maybe you just need a simple will, or maybe you are best served by a complete estate plan, with guardians for children or trusts to avoid probate. 


We can do everything from counseling, preparation of complete plans including wills, trusts, special needs trusts, health care proxies, power of attorney, asset management, and real estate titling.  We can also handle probate of estates, including gift tax and estate tax returns. If you have beloved pets, we can make special arrangements for animals, as well.

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